Wasted space.

Is anyone else getting a whole bunch of blank space between the title and the comments? I’m using a tablet this morning, because we’re not at home, but that shouldn’t be the problem.

Noticed this morning when using my iPad that the title of the comment appears, but no words below the title unless I refresh the page. Just tested it again with this thread and same thing happened. Also appears to apply only to new comments as other threads appear normally.

Okay, now we’re home and I’m on a computer and it seems to be okay. Just a minute, I’ll check it on another tablet. It’s working normal on that tablet. I’ll check the one I was using a while ago at the hotel. Strangely, the one I was using at the hotel, did leave a bunch of empty space for a few seconds and then it corrected itself. So I guess it’s back to normal. I guess if you’re having the same experience, just scroll down until you find the comments.

Hhhmmm, I just tried it again on the latter tablet and at first it does leave a huge space, but when I scroll down and select a post, the empty space goes away and it’s normal. Anyone have a clue?

Wait long enough and it will populate that space with an advertisement.

Yeah, well I don’t think I’ll be waiting for that.