watch out for that tree!

So I’m on the river with the puppy yesterday for our daily outing and the conditions are deceptive. The wind is moderate and the waves appear small so off we go. But we are right in the middle of a weather change so as we proceed I realize the wind is coming from multiple directions and the waves are confused and one can see whitecaps breaking in random directions in the distance. Sets of 2 foot rollers would just pop up. One could feel both hot and cold pockets of air. Plus I see a lot of plant debris in the water…we had rain the night before. So we are cruising upstream along the edge to avoid the current and a big, mostly submerged branch appears in front of us so we hit it and it makes a good bonk. I pulled behind an obstacle to take a break and a tree goes cruising by at about 3 knots. The trunk is about ten inches in diameter and I’m glad we didn’t hit it.

As usual Zoey didn’t seem too worried.

Absolute trust in those eyes. If she only knew the truth! :stuck_out_tongue: Great way to spend the day!

Good timing. That’s a big submerged log - makes me wonder where it wound up.