Watco Oil Finish

Several msgs here have said that Watco Danish Oil Finish is the oil to use for wood trim.

At Home Depot, the can of DOF said that it was for indoor projects, while the Watco Teak Oil was for indoor and outdoor use.

I would appreciate any advice on which to use for refinishing paddles.



Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

I use the Exterior Watco - “Natural Finish” in the green and white can. Harder to come by. I’ve not seen it in any home center in recent times. I know one can mail order it and some paddle shops carry it. I bought a couple of cans a few years ago at a PaddleSport show. That’ll last me a decade or so…

Fat Elmo

Thanks, Elmo
The Teak Oil Finish says it’s for “high density woods” or some such.

Guess I better keep looking…

As a proffesional
woodworker/furniture maker I have used watco danish oil on several occasions but for paddle maintenance I would recomend teak oil of two you mentioned. another option would be linseed oil(cheaper) you will probably hear as many differing opinions on this as there are woodworkers. My experience is that they all have merit. The most important thing with any oil finish exposed to natural conditions is frequent application(especially in the begining) and proper disposal of your rags(beleive me they will spontaniously combust in the right conditions) Happy paddling

PS you really cant go wrong as long as you are dilligent about application

Again, Thanks (NM)

Watco Oil
I use the teak oil on paddles, and it’s great. Oil them often at first, and then only as the finish dulls after about 6 months or so. After about a year , a thin re-coat shines it right up!


watco oil
I used to use Watco in the green and white can, but can’t find it anymore. Home Depot has danish oil & teak oil. I emailed Watco and asked them which would be better for a canoe, and was told to use the teak oil.

I use Watco Teak for everthing
and the results are outstanding. For gunnels try this… Clean up the area you are going to oil with some OO steel wool then Wet sand the oil in using some very fine tremite wetordry or 3M micro fine sandpaper. This helps the oil penetrate better, let dry and rub out then apply a second coat without sanding and let it set up and rub it out for a like new look.

…it is, then!