watco teak oil

Does anybody have an easy way to darken watco teak oil? I sanded down my gunnels and applied the w.t. oil. It is of a very light shade. Years ago, I had a walnut veneer dining table and used teak oil on it but it seemed to be a darker shade. I could live with the lighter shade, but would like a darker shade. The boat is a carbon J-203. I’m gonna own the races around here( Cleveland, Ohio ). Any help would be appreciated.

Teak oil is linseed oil with some additives. Whatever you use must be compatible with linseed oil.

Linseed oil darkens dramatically with exposure to light. Give it a year, and it’ll probably be closer to the shade you hoped for.

Oiling fresh-sanded walnut with
just about any oil will give a marked darkening effect. Oiling a light wood like ash with the same oils will appear to have little effect.

I recall gunwale oils, with stain included, being marketed, intended to produce a vaguely walnut appearance. Look around.

Lets Race
Congratulations on your new purchase. I just started restoring a Savage River solo racer. I just bought an ash board to make new gunwales and was wondering if it would look better if I stained it darker. I was figuring on using a dark stain first and then using Watco Oil. The Nationals are in Warren Pa. in a couple weeks, I was going to go to watch, come over and try out your new canoe. If my broken wrist is feeling better we could do a short trip on the Allegheny.


teak oil
Rick, That old table was mohagany the gunnels are prob ash. they will not exactly match. The color of the gunnels wont make it any faster. Good luck in the races.

watco oil
As was said, the Watco Teak oik will darken a little over time, but not a lot. Watco makes a lot of oils with stain mixed in to give whatever appearance you desire: http://www.discountpaint.net/store/home.php?cat=347&gclid=CP-Tr_Sf_ZsCFQq3sgodS0E0-Q

Teak oil
Rick, I have been using teak oil (NT’s suggestion) for about a year now, and I like it because it seems to hold up better than the Watco Exterior. I feel that it darkens ash more than the Exterior as well.

Why not stain the gunwales with Watco Walnut stain, and then treat them with Teak oil once dry?


BTW: My new HH is on the way back to British Columbia. They are sending a new hammock body - there was apparently a manufacturing defect and after 7 nights the Velcro had separated and the reinforcement patch (a wimpy version of the one on yours) had started to tear.

The good news is that on the Yough I used a three-stake anchor system with a bi-pod and it worked well. Bad news was that it was cool enough to wake up cold!

Thanks for the advice…
I’ll give it some time and a few more coats…

I might do that!..
I was going to go to Willow Bay from next Friday pm to Sunday a.m. so maybe I might detour to Warren…