water between hull and deck sit on top

I have water between the hull and deck on my spirit 120, the manual says there is a drain plug but I can’t loosen it. any advice

Can’t loosen it?
Can you be more specific? If your fingers can’t loosen the plug, can a tool of some sort?

The point at which I say that I can’t loosen something is the point at which it breaks because of the monkey wrench .

“The manual says there is a drain plug
…but I can’t loosen it.” Do you mean there’s something you think might be the drain plug specified in the manual, but it won’t budge? Or are you sure you’re working on the drain plug?

Have you found where the water got into the hull?

A call or email to the factory might be in order.

Where is the drain plug ?
Is it a screw in plug at the stern on the rear deck or on the bow?

Try loosening it with a pair of vice grip pliers … if it strips you can buy a replacement plug and install it from a store that sells whitewater kayaks.

You might go back to the store where you bought it and ask for help.

A small amount of water inside a sit on top is very normal. Most people drain it after each use but we are talking a cup to a pint … more than that and you have a leak that you need to look into fixing.

Hot Water
Pour hot (not boiling) water over the drain plug enough to heat up that entire area and it should loosen.

If the hull is really airtight, you have a pressure built up amking it difficult to remove. Just heating it up or cooling it down may make it easier.