Water bladder rear deck

Have come across idea of placing water bladder on rear deck. Who has done this? How do you attach it? How much water? Pros? Constitution?

Seen many on the Green River

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10 liter size.. just slid under the deck bungies.If you are going to haul a couple of weeks water you will have to distribute the rest under the hatches fore and aft. I like 2 liter soda bottles for that.

I am unsure what sort of water bladder you are asking about. Storage as in the MSR Dromedary or drinking for a day trip ala Camelback?...I wear the Camelback for the latter.

pros and cons
of 3 liter bladder. Slips under existing deck bungees behind cockpit and is buckled to one for security. Hose velcroed to PFD strap for hands free drinking anytime. Is low enough I can enter and exit across it. In spite of insulation, it will get warm in sun or from rolling. I am tethered to albeit lightly.

What makes is bladder?

unanswered is the question
is the bladder for storage or drinking while enroute.

There are several mfrs out there who make them for different purposes.

Camelbak Un-bottle
it has the standard bladder in a simple insulated case with no straps, just 4 d-rings.

Drinking en route

Other options…
You may want to visit the recent hydration thread.

I prefer to put a bladder behind the kayak seat, or in front of my feet to help with stability. I use a Dromedary bag with hydration kit. For long trips, for water storage, I carry multiple Dromedary bags. Keeping the type of bags consistant (rather than a different bladder for drinking only) gives you options in case a bag is damaged.

I have tried an Unbottle on deck and am not a fan of having the water on the fore or aft deck. I leave the aft deck clear, near the cockpit, to allow for layback. Anything on deck is exposed to the sun, and dumping waves.

Greg Stamer