Water bladder

What about the following idea?

Thinking of taking a hydration bladder and velcroing it under the deck just forward of front cockpit edge. Looking forward to carry more water this seems possible and potentially sensible.

Could work, but depends on the material you use as to whether Velcro would hold. I suspect it would not hold on plastics (most glues don’t stick well to rotomolded kayaks), but maybe on composite.

Getting the bladder down to the floor of the kayak would have some benefit, though the weight of a full bladder is only a few pounds.

I have seen people place bladders behind their seats and then drill a hole for the tube through the boat behind the seat. They often just let the tube and mouth piece drag behind them when they are not drinking from it.

may be okay, but…
For me one issue with any similar arrangement is the water tube and how that might relate to getting in and out and rescues. I opted for one on the back of my PFD. I don’t use a super large one so weight isn’t much of an issue. For longer trips I carry extra water in my hatch and mostly use it at longer breaks.

rough or calm water?
If rough, I am lost.

If calm water…

I’d rather not attach the water high! I did a river race where I slumg my camelbak to the back of my seat and held the drinking hose by tape to my PFD where I could get it without letting go of the paddle.

But mostly I epoxy D-rings to the floor of my kayak in front of the seat under my thighs where the water would be low and centered.

Then I use small carabiners to hold my MSR bladder to those D-rings. I can use a drinking tube from the cap or just unclip the bag and haul it t othe campsite.

Why not just place it on the bottom
just in front of the seat.

I just did that in a race last Saturday, and in most of the kayak races that I do.

Another option is an underdeck bag. Then you could put a couple of water bottles in it

Jack L

I do exactly the same thing and it works great. I don’t even notice the hydration pack on my PFD.

On my back
I also use a bladder on my back. I don’t even feel 2 liters. NRS makes the bladder holder that I have. Just strap it to my pfd and leave it there. I think camelback makes one too. My buddy rigged an unbottle to his PFD.