Water colors

Pretty nice on Lake Michigan today.


Where the kayak picture?

The colors almost give it a tropical feel.

The inshore wave action sure has the sediment stirred up. It looks like there must be some deep water out there where you see the dark blue.

Years ago I crossed the lake on the High Speed Ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee (to pick up a kayak I was buying from a Wisconsonian) on a lovely windless June day when the water was like sapphire glass the whole way across both ways. I remember looking out from the top deck and thinking how much it reminded me of the Caribbean around the Virgin Islands.

I used to sail at Lake Tahoe. The water looked clear to about 20 feet, turquoise until about 50 feet and deep blue in the deeper water which went to 600 feet.

Tahoe is really beautiful. I’ve never seen water that clear outside of the Caribbean.

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Seeing Lake Michigan makes me wistful – was hoping the Greenland Qajaq Training Camp up there near Frankfort could be held this August (after having to be canceled last year due to the pandemic). But it had to be postponed again. Took this shot on the way there in 2017.

Lake Jocassee has water that clear. Very little white sand bottom to reflect though.

Rocky Gap beach, SW Michigan.

Yes there were 6-8 foot waves the prior day as a cold front moved in, churning up the sandy bottom. The next few days also had red flag warnings on the local beaches.