Water filter longevity?

I have a PUR hand-pump filter that is several years old. Used to use it for backpacking, but I haven’t done any of that for a few years. Don’t remember the model, but I think it was the largest of their earlier designs and it used the iodine-impregnated filter. Can anybody tell me if these filters go bad just sitting in storage? I did always clean it before putting it up, but I wonder mostly about the iodine doing something weird. I don’t even know if I can still get new filter cartridges…maybe it’s time to upgrade??

Be it de PUR Explorer?

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Ah' still gots an' use mine all de time - ah's azoom it still woyks since ah' ain't had any gizzard torments yet. Luckily ah' bought a spare cartridge waan ah' did, so ah's good fer a long time. Dun't reckon de cartridges are still available - maybe on EBay or somethin'.

Fat Elmo

PUR Hiker
I’ve had a PUR Hiker since about a week before the recall saying not to use the carbon stuff to improve the taste… That was about 10 years ago and the filter has gotten slow and the water tastes bad (after taking relatively good care of it).

The new MSR’s are so much easier to use (no juggling) and replacement filters aren’t cheap anyway, so that’s what I’m doing.