Water filter question

Does anyone have a Katadyn “my Bottle” water purifier? and could comment on it?

Also are there any other brands out there that are equal?

Katadyn, has two different ones, and one is EPA registered while the other just meets “EPA guidlines” and is ten dollars cheaper.

thanks in advance,

Jack L

Buy the best (IMO)

But then thats one you are already looking at…:slight_smile:

I had one of the original in bottle filters about ten years ago. Flow was the issue. It just took forever to get a drink. Plus the fact that the dirty water got all over the clean parts didn’t make a whole sense to me. I’m sure the guidelines just refer to the filtration size.

If you get one let us know how you like it.

Ryan L.

personally, i don’t like those filters, had one and it didn’t really do much for me, as the other post said flow was poor. I like to use my old MSR hand pump filter, can filter a mud puddle and drink it, never been sick no matter where i have hiked to or paddled (the micro ceramic filter inserts) have had it 13 yrs, with new insert or two of course…

Katadyn Virustat (good insurance)
I have been using a Katadyn bottle filter (with the virustat) for 3 seasons now with good results. As far as flow issues go I avoid it by Filling up my drinking water bottles once or twice a day from the filter bottle. It seems to me that if your thirsty and you have clean water on hand the flow rate isnt a issue. As far as saving 10 or 20 bucks, I dont think this is where you want to do it and this is coming from a real tight wad.

Hiker Pro
I use the Katadyn Hiker Pro. I’m happy with it. It’s darn heavy in a backpack but that doesn’t matter for kayaking.

Weight matters big time for what we are
wanting it for.

jack L

I have used an MSR with the ceramic filter for 10 years now.

if it is weight
I assume you are backpacking. Or at least carrying it. Really the biggest consideration for a filter is the volume of water you need and the quality of the water you are filtering. They have those ionizing pen things that will clean smaller amounts of water and it weighs next to nothing. But if you have to filter for a few days for more than one person. I would go with the msr hand pump. Every member of my family has one and they have worked very reliably for years. Just some thoughts.

Ryan L.

No it is for in the kayak and …
weight is a big issue.

Jack L

Frontier Pro, small, light, good, cheap
Get the Frontier Pro. It’s about $20. Disposable. Cost of the water filtered over its lifetime is far less than the cost of bottled water. As effective as the expensive, heavy filters. Can operate off a dromedary bag, or screws right onto standard water bottle top. Bit valve lets you drink right out of it, or remove bite valve and squirt the water out into a cooking vessel. The lightest, simplest solution. Combine with tablets to kill viruses if that’s important.

I have a couple…
I use the Hiker in both incarnations for my normal use.

I have the one you are talking about, bought it to lighten weight and felt… uncomfortable.

So I relegated itt o my e-kit.

e-kit = emergency overnight kit.

small dry-bag containing tube tent, esbit stove, one MRE, that katadyne bottle filter, flashlight…

Basically a bag in case I go out for the day and get trapped away by weather. Enough gear to stay alive overnight but not comfortable.

rikjohnson, I like the idea of your e-kit. I have already been on the water later at night than I was planning on. I have carryed a safty/survival kit for years. I think I will put the componets to your kit together. I paddle open boats,so I always have room.


my kit
was a thought when I planned to do lake Roosevelt. It’s long enough with enough bays to i ‘could’ get stuck out there overnight.

So I thought what would i need?

compass? no! I’m not lost, just stuck by winds or rain.

First Aid? no? I’m not hurt.

So I settled on an esbit stove that holds fuel tabs and waterproof matches.

One MRE. I can eat those cold or use the immersion heater.

a tube tent and cord. not the best but small and will keep most of the rain and bugs off.

a water bottle with filter. water is all around.

a single change of dry clothes.

a mylar emergency blanket to keep warm

an airline blanket for comfort.

swiss army knife.

Basically, my thought was, “the wind is from the south and too strong to fight so I am stuck here until morning! What do I need to stay alive tonight?”

that boiled down to dinner & breakfast and a single MRE does both. The Esbit will warm water for soup or tea.

shelter which means a cheap tube tent & sord

warmth which means blanket… Mylar & airline is the best solution.

water which is where the bottle filter comes in.

and clean clothes in case the ones I am wearign are soaked by rain or being dunked. Hospital scrubs pack small.

Then when the weather clears, I can get back into my boat and head for the put-in and worry about the parking ticket the rangers gave me for leaving my car overnight.

I like my Hike Pro,
but I have a hard time getting the spongy filtering material completely dry after a trip, so it gets a little musty sometimes. If I get another one, it’ll be an MSR.

As a public service announcement, watch out for drips/splashes of unfiltered water, and don’t treat with iodine unless you’re in a pinch. I’ve learned some long and hard lessons from Giardia Lamblia!

Go with the MSR miniworks. The most durable, feild maintainable filter out there

Second miniworks
MSR Miniworks doesn’t weigh that much and it is very reliable, maintainable, etc. I can’t think that it’s added weight would sink you. If you can’t repaie it and clean it in the field you are screwed when it plugs up which they all do. Then you are using more fuel to boil. If you really want light and water that won’t make you sick use a MSR MIOX. The water will still have dirt in it but it will be clean dirt.

I have the ExStream model and the plastic taste from it is horrid!!! the taste gets worse as the bottle gets warmer … takes a while for water to filter thru…so u have to plan ahead.