Water filters and Blue Green Algae?

We did a few days on Lake Champlain and found out when we got there that there had been a Blue Green Algae (aka cyanobacteria) bloom. There were all sorts of warnings against allowing your pets and small children near the water but no real information as to what the hazard was.

So do water filters take out what ever the contaminants created by Blue Green Algae?

My guess…
I think the only reliable answer to this would come from the manufacturer of the filter in question.

“the bride” just ordered one
that supposedly will make mud puddle water drinkable.

jack L

Be careful
Water filters will only remove bacteria and in some cases viruses from the water. The toxins released by cyanobacteria are much smaller and like most small molecules will not be removed by the filters. So if all the toxin is still in the algae, you will be safe as the filter can remove the algae and the toxin load it carries. If the toxins have left the algae and are dissolved in the water, you might regret it.


Reading this makes it sound as though only activated charcoal will take the toxins out of the water. Even then you would need to test to findout how effective that was.


A lot of illnesses aren’t bad from the pathogen itself. It is the toxins that such pathogens produce. Much like contaminated seafood making you sick even if it is cooked. You might not even be able to boil it and make it safe.

Ryan L.