Water filters for silty conditions?

Hi folks,

I am interested in knowing what people do for water on “cloudy” rivers (i.e. streams with a high sediment load/lots of silt). I have heard that taking a pail of water and allowing it to stand, then filtering the settled water works.

Maybe some of the pre-filters would be the way to go?

How about the katadyne gravity filter?

Currently, I have a PuR Hiker (now re-badged the katadyne hiker).

Thanks for any ideas.

Yes, taking the water into a bucket/pot and letting it settle is a good idea, and/or use a coffee filter over the intake of your prefilter on the end of you hose.

The coffee filters are nice and have worked for me in dirty river conditions. Not sure if the filter you have is field serviceable, but I have a MSR waterworks that is very easy to use and even a quick cleaning of the cermamic inside will bring the flow rate back pretty quickly.


the last idea may be the best
and you will need to pre filter. the major strength of the MSR waterworks and mini works is their robust field maintainability. almost nothing to go wrong and easy to get working again.

you can purchase an ‘inline’ prefilter system from MSR which was originally developed by Sweetwater, but MSR bought them and relabled those products. the inline system called the Siltstopper, is added to your intake hose. however it is a bit pricey but could be the ticket…