Water Filters

I am looking to buy a new water filter and am considering the MSR Miniworks EX. In addition to wanting a filter that actually filters out all the little nasty bugs, I also want one that is easy and efficent to pump. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance


I use a MSR waterworks
And usually just use the ceramic cartridge. So my performance is essentially the same as the EX. Love it. Remember to let the water settle before you pump. Campmor carries a watersack which is essentially a pleated stuff sack with webbing handles and a webbing ring about the neck huge capacity and a great lighweight companion to your new filter.

We use the
The Katayden, (hope I spelled it right), and it filters out all the nasties.

It has served us real well for the past five or six years.

It is made so you can screw it right on to a nalgene water bottle, or you can just hold it on top of a gallon jug, etc.

I think any of them that pump through ceramic are going to give you a work out, but it is worth it to know they are filtering out the giardia.



My Pur has been good

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to use and not too hard to pump. It is now marketed by Katayden ( I'll use Jacks spelling, looks ok to me.) About 30 pumps to the liter and using settled water without any visible silt has denonstrated good filter life. Easily disassembled for cleaning if needed. My $.02

Sweetwater Filter
I have used the Sweetwater Filter for the past decade. It is one of the lightest on the market (also being a alpine climber, weight is a factor). Settling the water is important. However, glacial till doesn’t settle quick enough for practical purposes when you need water NOW. Sweetwater cleans up quickly.

I have had several MSR products (my XGK stove is over 20 years old!) and they are bombproof! AND fixable! Sweetwater is not.

Sweetwater or Katadyn Camp
I’ve used a Sweetwater for years - works well, but needs cleaning often. Recently I’ve switched to a Katadyn Camp filter. Requires no pumping - just gravity. This is a great timesaver on longer trips. Instead of sitting next to a stream swatting bugs for 45 minutes to get 10 liters with the pump, I can just fill the 10 liter camp bag and then hang it in a tree at camp and by morning I have 10 liters of filtered water. The filter is ceramic and relatively large (slightly bigger and heavier than my Sweetwater), but for the timesavings on a trip (about an hour saved every two days) it’s worth it.

Katadyn Combi

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The filter I use is the Katadyn Combi and in my opinion it's a very well built unit. Athough it does incorporate plastic into it's construction the parts that do the pumping are metal as should last many years. I have no regrets on buying one.

From the Katadyn web site:
The Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable, activated carbon cartridge. It is effective against bacteria and protozoa and also reduces chemicals and bad taste.

Look under the Endurance Series Filters.

It fits the wide mouth Nalgene bottles and the ceramic filter is designed to pump 50,000 litres of water before needing a replacement. It should last me a lifetime.