Water filters ?

I have a MSR mini-works water filter. I have not used it yet.What do you use to pre filter the suction cup? I have heard of coffee filters,do they work? Just wondering,8 to 12 inches of ice outside the door,now is the time to inquire,rather than a couple days before a trip.

I appreciate your input,if any. Thanks Dave

No pre-filtering necessary
The MSR waterworks doesn’t require prefiltering, unless the water being filtered is really mucky stuff. Just adjust the float so that the water intake is neither bringing in water from the surface, or from the very bottom, and you should get decent quality.

If the filter slows down, just open it up, pull out the ceramic filter and give it a good wipe down with the scotch-brite pad (included with your filter). That will take of the outer layer and your filter will work like brand new.

My MSR waterworks has been in use since 2000, from the Adirondacks to Costa Rica, and it’s never failed to deliver.

I believe the mini-works
has a foam pre-filter built right into the intake also. As stated before when the filter slows down clean the ceramic filter and remove the foam pre-filter and clean it. I highly recommend getting a maintenance kit to carry with you. It has all the extra o-rings, etc. While cleaning my ceramic filter on a trip once I lost an o-ring and it rendered the filter inoperable. That cut my trip short due to lack of water. Now I carry a maintenance kit

coffee filter will work fine.
Check to see if it has a prefilter should be in your manual.

One of the 14 zillion uses for a bandana is using as a pre-filter for your water filter. I only use it if I’m in water with a lot of siltation but works like a charm.


to all who replied. I opened it up the other night. There was a maintenance kit with the filter,must have got it at time of purchase.

Thanks Again for the info.

#2 brown paper Melitta filters
I use the same #2 brown paper Melitta filters to pre-filter my water pump as I use to make my coffee. I use a paper filter over the intake of my water pump most the time, figuring it saves on the expensive filter replacement cartridges. I attach it over the foam-filled intake with a clothes-pin, and allow the paper filter to dry out so I reuse it for several days, depending on water clarity.