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I’m looking into a back-up filter for my emergency overnight ditch-bag. One that can fit my nalgene bottle to keep bulk down and ONE of the possibilities is the General Ecology Microlite.

I am looking into others but cannot find reviews on this one. Not even from the company. So until I hear back from GE (do they make this anymore? Can I get replacement filters?)

Anyone know about this or have experience with the General Ecology Microlite?

I finally got through to the company which tells me that they no longer make this filter …

…but they do have a few extra cartridges in stock.

And there are a few places around town and the internet that still have a few in stock.

It is NEVER a good idea to buy a discontinued water filter because just when you need it, you won’t be able to find that one vital part!

backpacker did a review of water filters
a long time ago. I have a sweetwater guardian and it fits a nagalene bottle. There are plenty of water filter options at any outdoor store.

Skip the filter…
And just get some aquamira, works great and is super compact…

Aqua Mira vote
After all, it is a ditch bag.


This one has my vote!
If you have to have a filter in your bail out pack, this is the one I’d choose.


the pocketsize kit of Aquamira drops is an excellent backup, if the water source is good I just use those instead of getting out the filter

I’ve never seen the point of filters…

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They are not purifiers, in the true sense of the word, just another piece of junk to lug around. If its really scummy water, run it through a bandanna a few times, and then use something like aquamira. For really bad water double up the dosage, and wait longer. Supposedly aquamira is equivalent to what is used in public water supplies, just in a form that is more stable to transport until it is mixed and ready for use. And if you're really worried about chemicals in your water, just leave the cap of your drinking bottle open (after its had time to do its thing of course) and supposedly the chemicals will off-gas, leaving you with clean water. Or so i've heard, this is the internet after all...

Katydyn pocket filters
If you have a Gander Mountain store nearby check them for a blow out sale on these filters:


My local store has them for $19.95 (!)


To Answer Your Question

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One case of dysentery (which I experienced in Viet-Nam) or worse yet the potential to get up close and personal with Giardia is the reason I filter water in the field.

My choice for water filtration is MSR MiniWorks EX: http://www.rei.com/product/695265


I understand wanting to treat water…

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But filters don't purify, and lighter more compact options (like aquaramira) purify and kill giardia. And it works fast and is cheap. I just don't understand dragging a filter around when you can use a small light chemical equivilant. http://giardiaclub.com/aqua-mira.html

I’d suggest the pocket filter and aqua mira, both already mentioned. I keep the pocket filter in my ditch bag, which is attached to my pfd. Also have a few purifier tablets, think they are made by katydin, but could be someone else. They treat one liter at a time.