Water flowing in the Harpeth?

Anyone seen the Harpeth lately? Thinking about the Bells Bend section next weekend.

Is it spring fed or dam release? Cool water might be nice.

Any info is appreciated.



It has a few small springs but is mostly rain dependent. It has been dropping a little the last couple of weeks but there is no problem getting down stream. the water is fairly warm right now, But still nice to swim in and cool off.

you have mail from Tibfun@hotmail.com


Mr. SuperTroll. Got the email, but the link doesn’t work. I tried the top level site and it seems their server may just be down right now.

Again, I appreciate the info and look forward to venturing to new (to me) waters.


Try this one…

Click on River at a glance, just root around in there…

Got it
But I don’t get it.

The numbers say it’s not at flood stage, but other than that it doesn’t mean much to me.

I have no idea what a good level is for the Harpeth - maybe those number are okay or maybe they’re low.