water from skeg slider to the day hatch

When paddling, water goes on the skeg slider and it goes to the day hatch, not a drop in the cockpit and not in the stern hatch.

So in the corner top of the day hatch, there the skeg cable and the rudder cable. Around these, I have to seal.

It won’t be easy to clean perfectly around these.


Epoxy with fill (tough to sand in that corner with the cables.

Or silicone, I don’t know.

Do you kwnow what I could do.



There a gap too at the slider between the plastic tube and the hull, do you know a stuff that could be use to patch the very little gap.

I would not use either
I would first try to seal the cable(s) where they pass through the bulkhead using Lexel. If that doesn’t work then try something else.

sealing around cable tubing
One of our boats had the same problem. The builder had glassed in the bulkheads AND added extra sealant to some problem areas where it prob leaked. Unfortunately they used silicone. Nothing will stick to silicone, even silicone, so it must be thoroughly removed. There is a solvent that will do this, and it is available in hardware stores. After getting rid of all the silicone in the area, reseal with a urethane type sealer, like mentioned above. In our case, we couldn’t eliminate the leaking, because the cable housing is a polyethylene tube. Nothing likes to stick to polyethylene either. This boat will have to get fixed by the Impex people if it is ever going to have a dry dayhatch. Funny thing is that they had to replace the original bulheads in this boat because the original ones either blew out or leaked for the original owner.

Good luck!