water in kayak

new kayaker…just purchased a perception kingfish…took out on lake today…all went great…however after getting it out of water and trying reload onto truck…found there was water inside the boat…this is a sit on top kayak…not talking about water where i sit…but inside dry hatch area…is this normal???

No, it’s not normal.
Water being inside of sit-on-tops is not normal and should be investigated to determine the source. If it’s a new boat, I’d talk to the dealer. If it’s a used boat, I’d talk to the previous owner.

Perception SOT have a rep leaking
in the scupper hole seams, although I thought they had fixed that problem. Take it back and get another.

The hatches aren’t always
watertight. To see if there are other leaks, suds up the outside with soap and turn on your leafblower in a hatch. The spot where you see it blowing bubbles is the leak. If you flipped or had water splashing on top a lot, it’s more likely around the hatches.


water can get “inside” through the pad eyes and around the hatch covers if one is present. That’s the reason they put a drain plug on the things.