water in my SOT footwells?

well, i finally got an OK prowler 13 angler edition. ive been waiting a long time to get one, and finally did it. i got it for 99% fishing, and 1% touring/fun paddling. it handles extremly well (i think, its the only kayak ive spent any real time in). i have had it for only a day, and have paddled about 2 hours, and love it. i can stand and paddle very comfortably, which is needed for site fishing. my question is about the foot wells. is it normal to have 1/2-1 1/2" of water standing in the foot wells all the time? i was trying to tip it to test the stablitly, and leveld the foot wells off with water, which quickly drained down to an inch or so, but it always has some in it. is this normal? i weigh 210 lbs and had no other weight in the boat besides the paddle. thanks for any advice.

Will also be more when siting vs moving.

You can use the scupper plugs to close them and keep it out (cold water/flat water uses), or leave open so anything that washes in can drain out.

Yes the SOT always seem to have a little water in the footwells esp since you weigh 210. I am 240 and my butt usually gets wet too. If you’re moving they usually drain out pretty well.



yeah, i can level em off with water when standing, and as soon as i paddle, they drain quickly down to an inch or so, but never completly dry. i wasnt a problem, i just wanted to be sure it was normal. thanks.