Water in Seattle Sports Deck Compass?

What’s in the bulb of Seattle Sports, strap-on, deck compass. http://www.rei.com/product/752705. My previous deck compass that I assume was higher quality, went dry over a winter. During the winter it was exposed to prolonged periods of below-freezing temperatures. Did it freeze and breach the bulb? Is that something that happens or do the makers of these things build them to withstand freezing temps?


Not what I woul do.
Wouldn’t it just make sense to remove your removable compass?

It’s mineral oil or similar

Compass fluid & repair
Compasses are filled with several different fluids from alcohol and water, glycerin and water, purified kerosene, etc. The problem is not with the fluid, but with the diaphram designed to compensate for the expansion and contraction of the fluid. Diaphrams also weaken or deteriorate with age. No compass, even those priced into the thousands of dollars, can withstand constant extremes of heat and cold. At the price of this compass, the best thing to do is replace it and not worry about repair. That would cost you more than replacement. Remove the compass when exposed to baking heat or freezing cold for long periods.

so THAT’S what those ‘removable’ parts
are for!