Water In The Ears......

I always get water stuck in my ears from rolling. Any tips on how to get it out?



Surfers ear drops
Buy in any pharmacy. Or you can make a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to dry them out.

another solution
Found on the net sometime back and also asked a doc friend

50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and vinegar.

Swimmers Ear is common for people that are in the water a lot. The alcohol pulls the water out and the vinegar stops fungal growth.

Murine Ear Wax Removal Kit
from the drug store.

Great stuff, works well and fast.

Dumb question
Do the super-soft expanding foam earplugs keep water out?


I can’t answer for the soft foam plugs, but I have used the soft rubber, multiflanged ones for many rolling sessions. They work fine. You can get them at Walgreens and the like.

The only downside–and it’d be the same with the foam plugs–is that your hearing is impaired.

I bought a set of Doc’s earplugs but haven’t tried them yet. Supposedly, they don’t cut hearing as much.

Me too
When I spend any significant time roll practicing (more than one hr.) my ears get waterlogged.

I bought a pair of orange foam earplugs that keep the water out quite well.

i have gone through
various ear plug options and the best ones i found where at the ear testing spealists. They made plugs specifically to fit my ear by forcing a type of gel into the ear. They last quite a awhile but are slightly more money.

I don’t get it…
I’ve always liked the feeling of water in my ears. Whenever I take a shower, I position my ears as close as I can to the spray…the feeling is soothing the same way scratching an itch is. Never have any problems with wax, ear infections, etc. Am I just somehow abnormal, or are there others like me out there? One interesting note: my mother absolutely HATED water in her ears, to the point of obsession.


Prevention first
Untreated water carries creepy-crawlies. I once got an ear infection from getting blasted by a park sprinkler that used irrigation ditch water. When I had time to swim laps I always used the plastic plugs that pikabike described. Gotta get back to swimming again sometime. Being in the water is great whether it’s paddling, kicking, or just soaking.


There’s a difference
I don’t mind water in my ears…but not when it won’t come out for days and is messing with my hearing and my equilibrium.


See "Ear Plug’ thread …

See the ear plug thread back a couple of pages. The Docs are really great. They have a tiny little hole in the center of them and really don’t impair hearing much, but still keep the water out. I posted on checking for local distributors from their website.


water quality
too much cold water can cause problems,bad quality water can cause problems.