water level, Flint River, Thomaston, GA

How do I find out what the water level is at the Flint River, Thomaston, GA.

I have ever been there. I live 2 1/2 hours east of there.

Thinking of staying at Flint River Outdoor Rec area with my motorhome for the weekend. If the water is low though, don’t want to drive all the way there.

Thanks for any info,


life threw me a bunch of lemons, haven’t been able to get out and do any canoeing in about 2 years



use coordinates into Google Maps finding gauge locations



Google Maps gives landings n distance from landings to services.

Google Images tells what the river looks like at Bridge at SR X

pay to be a member?
That site wants $35 to be a member.

I think I will skip that idea.

Thanks anyway.

Don’t paddle enough to join.

Also, USGS used to give info, having a hard time navigating site with my useless home internet!


About USGS
USGS information is good, but only if you have the experience to know what it’s like to paddle at various flow rates or gauge readings (or can talk to someone who knows). Oh, sometimes you can find info on other websites providing info such as “you’ll occasionally scrape through shallow spots at a gauge reading of ___, and will need to walk your boat a lot if it gets below ____.” Anyway, once you find current USGS data, there’s still work to be done before you can make a decision.