Water level in Dismal Swamp

Is the water level in Dismal Swamp and the large lake there near normal? TIA for any info.


Not Sure
of the current water levels but there is a recent trip report in Places2Paddle. Joe

I dunno…

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but @ 25 yrs ago a buddy and I tipped our canoe pusuing a large snake and had a heck of a time getting it out of the 3-4 ft water because you can't stand in 4ft of mud that covered the bottom.

judging by the canal…
near my house (Dismal Swamp Canal) it’s not too low. However, there have been a bunch of wild fires in the area this week that have restricted access to Rt. 17 and the whole area stinks like a day-old wet campfire, so this weekend wouldn’t be the best time to go!


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

judging by the new TR in places to paddle, there is water. Last time I thought about going was in mid-drought and folks warned not to go.

Thanks for the heads up on the fire.