Water levels in western Maine this year?

Anyone know about Richardson, Aziscohos, etc? Trip last year was canceled due to very low water.

Just got back from.western ME. It’s been dry but not in drought like we are in Boston. Got rain three days in a row.

Got caught in a downpour while fishing a “blue line” in the mountains.

Good thing had an emergency tarp with me. Spent a good 30 plus minutes under it as the thunderstorm cut loose a deluge.

(I was about 15 miles from South Arm/Richardson lake.


I live in Wester ME and the lakes are a little low… I am about 90 min from those lakes ( both are dam controlled BTW) . We have had rain recently but are still classified as in moderate drought.

You should have no problem. We seem to have broken July s string of no rain days.

Thank you very much for this information.