Water levels Tsala Apopka Lakes FLA

In June/july the water level in the Tsala Apopka Lake chain was very low compared to previous years.

Has the recent Florida rains increased the level or is the paddling still limited to the main body of the lakes.

No one in Central Florida to respond ?

Can’t help you. Haven’t been out that way. Have you tried USGS? Check with Gulfcoaster… I think he’s out that way (well, north of it). Good luck. Everything here is LOW, low, low. -Toddy

seems to be up some. I haven’t been on the lake. We’ve had a considerable amount of rain this past week. The Silver was up on Sat. about 2 ft.

We’ve had some good rains here…

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but for a an every six-hour update daily check the USGS website under 'daily streamflow tables'.
I'll check the site and send you the info within four hours (before 9:00PM).
It's been a long time since I've been there but with the assist of a few water-flow gauges in that area I can at least guesstimate.
I'm back with the info you need.
Go to USGS Real-Time Water Data For Florida. From there click on either:
State Precipitation Table which will take to a list by rivers. Scroll down to 03100208 Withlacoochee. Click on USGS 02312700 Outlet River Near Panacoochee Retreats, FL and that will take you to the page of information you want with choice of graphs, # of days, etc.
Or: On the home page click on Statewide Streamflow
Tables which will take you to a list of river basins. Scroll down to Withlacoochee River Basin and click on USGS 02312762 Withlacoochee River Near Inverness,FL.
There doesn't seem to be a gauge for Tsala-Apopka lake itself but from the info I've gotten from these two sites I can only surmize the water level up by over a foot in the last two weeks but is slowly dropping. I suggest if you're going to paddle the lake you better do it before the rainy season comes to an abrupt end.
Have a great time paddling!

Thank you for the information.