Water map apps

I did a search in the message boards but didn’t see anything really. Hopefully I’m not asking the same question as many others. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to some waterway maps apps. I’m using an app called MyTrails but it seems to kill my battery(Note 9) and I can’t get it to stop running in the background(I think). I really want something that works like google maps but so far I have not found anything. Or the ones I have found I don’t know how to properly use. I’m a hiking trail guy so I’m use to finding maps pretty easy and following blazes, lol! Anyway thank in advance!

First, you might post this over in Advice, which gets a lot more traffic than this area.

If you paddle coastal waters, you might want something more oriented toward nautical charts. For inland waterways, I like Gaia GPS, which is more like enhanced USGS topo maps.

Who knows what is going on in the background with modern phones? Not me. Somehow, gps-using apps do seem to run down the battery. But, I find battery usage acceptable if I put the phone in airplane mode. The other day I ran the Gaia app for 5 hours, with the phone in airplane mode, and it used 16% of the battery. I find that acceptable. GPS works while in airplane mode, but it won’t load mapping from the network. Download the map before you start. If you are looking at the display a lot, the usage will be higher.


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