Water Proof Compartment

I would like to add a water proof compartment on a Kayak for my son to hold keys, wallet and other things. I have seen them on other kayaks. Wa wondering if there is a “kit” for doing this.

just get a small dry box…
like the Pelican series 1010>1060. They float and can be simply tied off to a seat or deck line. Simple, cheaper and safe.

Pelican box or…
You can get float bags that also have a compartment that functions as a dry bag, can hold items like you describe.

Does his boat have floatation front and back? If not, it may be a better solution to get a couple of these, so you solve both the floatation issue (for safety) and the storage issue at the same time.

agree on the drybox

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The advice above is good.

Just to offer more info on the compartments you see on other boats - you can buy the hatch covers and rims that form the openings for those compartments from many companies that sell Valley accessories. I don't think there is a good way to attach them to plastic boats though. If your son's boat is made of a composite material, then those are an option. You'll need to install a bulkhead (wall) in the boat to seal the compartment from the rest of the inside of the boat though.

All this is a ton of work and money if all you want to do is keep your keys and wallet dry though. A $10 drybag would be a much better option IMO.

in the camping gear aisle has a couple sizes of dry boxes, and also a 3-pack of small dry bags, for around $10. I’ve verified that both do keep your stuff dry

if you want to get fancy, some outfitters carry or I’ve seen them on EBay, a deck hatch or plate with a built-in dry bag, if you’re brave enough to cut a hole in your deck.

Check online

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Don't recall the specific sites, but there are several types of such generic dry storage compartments. They are a simple twist-on cover (4-6" in diameter are the smaller ones) attached to a matching receptacle on the deck. The receptacle is bolted thru the deck to another similarly sized ring under the deck and the two are made watertight with an appropriate adhesive or neoprene.

With all these above, installation is actually very simple - just drill thru the holes on the plate, insert the matching dry bag, apply some adhesive or rubber/neoprene material, and screw the two plates together. Wait for the adhesive to cure, then just put the top on and you are ready - I think it should only take 10 minutes or so to install (plus cure time).

CLC sells covers too: http://www.clcboats.com/shop/products/boatgear/0000-DP000-PLA.html

Cobra Kayaks for instance sells various sizes of hatch covers and matching rims. Not sure if they sell matching dry bags to go under them or not. I've seen these installed on some DIY boats as well, of course, on Cobra kayaks and they are strong and work reasonably well (the large ones would generally leak due to deck material flex when put on plastic boats without sufficiently thick and flexible neoprene or other adhesive applied b/w the layers).

These work on any kind of boat material, as long as you have a relatively flat surface. Plastic boats included.

Much easier though to get a Pelican or similar box though. I have one sized just right to fit my phone or car GPS. Of course, I theter it to something in case I flip over. It floats with these devices inside but I would not want to chase it in the water...

Car keys I keep close to me - no need for a box or dry storage. Thethered to my PFD pocket or in a pants or top pocket (again attached with a string). Car keys typically can get wet without any issue, even if they have a chip in them - just leave the remote door opener in the car ;)

You can also use any odd dry bag and keep it behind the seat (again - thether it for the occasion when you flip the boat).

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I started with the pelican box
Got one large enough for my keys and wallet and a small botle of aspirin.

I also pinned an extra car key tothe inside pocket of my PFD.

I attached a carabiner tothe pelican box lanyard and clipped it to a d-ring or pad-eye.

But my Swifty doesn’t have anything so wrapped some cord around the seat mount and clipped the box to that.

re the Wal-Mart bags
Water repelleant does NOT mean waterproof.

I bought those 3-for bags and they are good only to keep your stuff fromm falling all over the place but are NOT watertight.

Read the label carefully and get only Water-PROOF. Then test them.

Thanks for help
Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions. I will starting looking in some of the places and web sites. Again THANKS fro yor help.