Water safety on Great Lakes

@TomL said:
Yep, that’s a great sign Overstreet, complete with a visual aid and it even looks like a rec kayak that might accept a spray skirt. On the Silver Beach pier there are lots of people that just ignore the warnings but on the other hand the sign seemed to give more careful people a way to argue against peers that planned to ignore the warnings. It’s surprising how many parents just let their young kids just run out onto the pier. There were also red flags flying a week ago when a teen disappeared on a nearby beach.

They probably had their face in a phone.

On Georgian bay yesterday I paddled by two young guys in rec boats. This was about 1km from shore with 1/2 metre waves. No skirts (not that they’d likely help) and they weren’t wearing PFDs. If they were using them for backrests they were too low to be seen. Their skill level was also evident by the windmilling paddle strokes and minimal forward travel.


When we were at Apostle islands we came back in our sea kayaks with our skirts and neoprene on at noon-ish and passed several 8 ft Sun Dolphins headed the other way . It happens even after the park questions from a ranger at the launch.