water shirt for yak surfing?

when i waveski in the summer i usually wear a mysterioso top but last summer it just got too hot. so, basically, i’m looking for a long sleeve top/shirt to wear in the water but not a rash guard. i hate things that fit tightly. so: a loose fitting top, made for the water, not too thick and that fits like a t-shirt but that doesn’t bag like a t-shirt. preferably one without the over-warm turtleneck feature. any ideas?

i’m currently looking at the coolibar.com stuff but boy is it expensive.

what’s the difference in tightness of a Mysterioso from a rash guard? I think a rash guard will have less noticeable “feel” given that it’s lighter than Mysterioso.

Having said that, you can always buy long sleeve thermax t shirts from campmor.


hi sing: i buy my mysterioso in XL eventho i’m probably a M-L and it just doesn’t seem to form fit the way a rash guard does. i’m kinda porky and while a typical rash guard accentuates the pork, the mysterioso seems to hide it. i’m looking for a similar pork-hiding experience in a lighter weight top.

btw/ the thermax shirts: do they bag and billow when they get wet or retain their shape?

Loose fitting rash guard

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I just bought this:


that looks exactly like what i want. only, it doesn’t seem to come in a long sleeve version. oh well back to the drawing board!

Loose fit l/s biking shirt in Coolmax
Maybe this might work?


Football Jersey
With Bubba printed on the back?

Yes, expensive - but their swim shirts are exactly what you’re looking for. No chafing like rash guard, but cooler out of the water and no stuffed sausage look.

I wear it almost every time I paddle. I have nothing else I like to wear since getting it. It has ended up being well worth the price.

Mine’s a SS. I’d like to get a LS too. Really I want a LS and another SS - but price of two has me putting it off a bit.

Buying too large rash guards sucks if you want long sleeves. Sleeves are way too long. Sliding/rolling them up doesn’t work. With a 46" chest I have this problem even with tight fitting ones.

I’ve had little luck finding other loose fit - and no long sleeves. That O’Neil gives me hope - but for the difference in price I’d still go with the Coolibar (and less log action/more color choice).

I’m still amazed this sort of item isn’t more common. Maybe time to start hunting again. I keep looking at stuff from Under Armour - and see some T-shirts, but not usually the same material. Beware most dry-fit type materials as some can rub you raw paddling.

okay greyak, you’ve about got me convinced. what color do you have and do you like it? also: is the fit about true to size. iow, if i’m generally almost a large, would i want a large or to be on the safe’n’loose side do you think xlarge would be better. thanks!


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I don't know what size I bought. Large or more likely XL - I'd have to look (had it maybe 2 years now). Their size chart is prety detailed - compare to your measurements.

They don't make the same color anymore - mine's black with white sleeves. Buying now I'd probably get the slate LS for cooler days and a white SS for warmer. Or maybe white LS to keep sun off arms, and dark SS 'cause it looks better...

See, that's the trouble - now I want four!

Prices are a bit crazy.

O’neill logo
The one they sent me doesn’t have the huge logo on the shoulder like they show in th picture, fortunately. I hate clothing companies that splash their logo all over everything.

prices are a bit crazy, yes, and then it looks to me like they’re sorta treating shipping as an additional profit center. that always drives me crazy.