Water Shoe recommendations for EEEE Widt

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Hello, I am looking for some water shoes that are safe and comfortable with foot pegs. My problem is my foot size is 13/14 EEEE. If there are any other boaters out there with blocks for feet i would love to hear what you are using, thanks for the help. And to clarify I need these shoes for kneeling in a canoe.


New Balance. They have 1 or 2 different water shoes in a wide width. Usually $70 or more a pair though.

I lucked out and found a no name pair at my local outfitter for $8 for my water ski feet. They are hard to find.

Make sure they know that you are
talking about kneeling in a canoe with your feet flexed against toe blocks. Otherwise they’ll think you’re talking about a kayak and footpegs.

get a handicap licsense plate sasquach
i too have size 14 feet and am 6’4" 260 i wear keens for canoeing.trying to buy shoes is so difficult when most stores stop at 13. i feel like a special needs case just trying to footwear.my keens have been awesome and they last.

Once a year, TEVA releases something
in size 15, and I usually buy it. Otherwise it’s 14s with cutouts for the big toes. But I don’t have a width problem. Maybe I’ll check NB.

EEEE footware
New Balance does make a water shoe, I picked up a pair for $20 at a NB outlet store!

The only Teva that fits my 14EEEE foot is the Terra Fi in a size 15.

I’ve got a pair of Quicklace Mukluks I’ll sell you cheap!

What’s the prismatic cooefficient of that foot size . Seriously. I wear a EEEEEE. It’s a problem.

Bought some Keens Today
Yea I went with some Keens through Zappo’s due to their awesome return policy and customer service (not to mention it is about the only place i can get shoes in my size), I am trying a pair of 13’s and 14’s in a model called the “Hood River” boot. I ordered them today and will let y’all know what I think when they get here. From what i have seen and heard, Keen’s seem to run pretty wide. Thanks for all the tips.

I have one 4E foot and it fits in my
Keen H2s.A little tight,but OK.

Looked at the New Balance water
shoe selection, and one model comes in sizes up to 15, and comes in maybe EEE in 14. However, the New Balance design can’t work for me because the sole is bent upward too much. A kneeling canoeist like me whose feet rest with their tops on the bottom of the boat, can’t tolerate upward-curved designs.

Keen Hood River Boot
So my Keen “Hood River Boots” came in today. I got a size 13 4E and 14 4E. I got my foot into both of the shoes, and the 13’s actually work, but they are pretty snug, I am going with the 14’s though. They are large in the length, but as far as width go they are perfect and comfortable(and i figure I should go for comfort here). They seem like pretty good water shoes to the newbie eye. They are sleek and seem like there is nothing on them to get hung up on. Anyway long story short, I am going with the 14 4E and they seem pretty cool. Thanks for all the help and input.


IMHO, best all-round water shoes. Though generously-sized, they do stay on. in cold weather, with neoprene socks, alone or over drysuit booties.