Water shoes for a wide foot

Who makes water shoes for a wide foot?

I currently have teva ricochet and they are too narrow for my foot. I also don’t like the little holes in the pad inside the shoe, they are uncomfortable when not wearing socks.

I’ve looked around and not seen anything that advertises a wide version. I want something like a sneaker, I definitely don’t want sandals and I have wetsuit booties, but they are too hot for summer paddling.

Any suggestions,



Why not a regular low cut sneaker?
There is a top notch racer from Johnson City Tenn, who won’t wear anything but regular old canvas sneakers.



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Think about it...Plenty wide and they dry fast. I bought a pair recently and am going to try them out for water shoes.

BTW: I wear 9EEE

terra fi
The Teva Terra Fi is wider, it’s the only one that my EEEE wide foot can wear.

Welcome to the club
I wear a size 10 4E. I also have a high arch and high instep. Whenever I find a shoe that fits I buy an extra pair (wide size shoes are often discontinued)

I found the best place to shop is at wideshoes.com, and that the best line of shoes is from New Balance.

With that said I am in my second season using the New Balance watershoe. It fits my banana boats well, and for colder weather I add a hydroskin sock. I am about to try the high sealskinz waterproof sock for next fall.

Here is the web page for the New Balance watershoe at wideshoes.com:


Thanks, I’ll check out the wide shoe place. I wanted a water shoe because I think they drain quicker and dry faster than a sneaker.

I’m also with you, when I find a shoe that fits well, I usually by an extra pair or two. That holds real true for a hiking boot.



They are selling a lace up water shoe that is great. They have a generous heel pad that feels great also. For $6 you can’t go wrong. When they start to stink just throw them away.

Water shoes for a wide foot
Hi there,

I’m using the Salomon Tech Amphibians. They’re not a wide shoe per see, but they are fairly adjustable in both the heel and along the top. They have kevlar pull strings on the top that easily expand or tighten the shoe as a whole. They are more sneaker like than sandle for sure, made of reinforced mesh. And they breathe wonderfully.

My normal shoe size is 12W. These are straight up 12s. They work fine for me on a full day paddle, meaining they don’t cause me any noticible distress. I don’t use them for anything else really, so I can’t say how they’d treat a wide foot if you’re walking a lot of miles.

Here is a link with some reviews at the bottom of the page: