water shoes for SUP'ing

What water shoes do you use? I rather not do barefoot with the sharp things in the river. I have kayaking boots, but the soles are probably too thick for good movement on a SUP. I want something to make cross-stepping and pivot turns easily.


Astral Brewer
I’ve been supremely happy with the traction these provide at any position on the board. I had used 5 Finger shoes but found my toes getting tired as I seemed to try to grip the mat with my toes. A cat with retractable claws I am not. The Brewers also dry in a flash and with Eurasion Water Chestnut seed pods all over, a watershoe with a sole is a must.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Merrell Water Torrents
i’ve been wearing Merrell Water Torrents. They’re barefoot style shoes without the separate toe thing like vibrams. they seem to do the job nicely.

up Target where they run about $15. on closeout. Picked up another pair, they work fine, and no more Keen’s at $100. for me.

sneaker style versus slip on style
The sneaker styles will provide some foot support, but they will raise the heel up about 1". They usually have deep traction tread, and are comfortable.

The slip on styles are less expensive, raise the heel up maybe 1/4", and offer minimal foot support. They do provide some traction and sole protection.

Like everything else, some trade offs, depending on what works best at that time.