water shoes

I need to get some water shoes. I’m looking for something that I can walk on the rocks / water, ect. Going to be used while kayaking.

Any suggestions


Keen Gorge Boot

Keen, don’t waste your money on anything

Salomon Techamphibian
I like these a lot


Newer Techamphibian
Looks like they updated them


Keen sandals for summer, and Chota mukluks for winter. Tried less expensive alternatives, but these are both well worth the price.

NRS Kickers and new Astral shoe
NRS kickers stick to wet surfaces better than any shoe I’ve tried so far.


Astral Buoyancy is coming out with a shoe this summer that is kind of a Vans style shoe, but mesh with drains and a Stealth rubber sole; the stickiest shoe rubber available. I saw a pair of the prototypes and they look great. I’ll be buying a pair to try out as soon as they are released.

I second the Salomon’s
I have a pair of Keen water sandals with the closed toes… not sure which model… and I found that they weren’t so good on dry land for rock scrambles. Had to get up a nearly vertical wall of rock and the Keens couldn’t get a grip. I had to pull myself up by my finger tips.

I’ve used the Salomon shoes in similar conditions and found that they did better. And they aren’t bad in the water either.

Do all of those shoes actually fit in
lower volume kayaks? Some of them seem to have very thick and large soles.

I’ve used NRS kickers for the past 16+
years. Summertime, I prefer TEVA sandals as they fit my foot shape best. Keen’s are also an excellent, comfortable shoe.

keen newport
Shoe. Can be worn in summer and with water proof socks over wool socks when you don’t want your feet to get chilly.

Ryan L.

NRS kickers - cheap and good .
I’ve worn mine surf kayaking for years, great for carrying the boat down to the water over lava rocks and coral even. Small enough they will fit inside a boat or in foot straps on a waveski.

Chaco Ponsul Bulloo?
Backpacker Magazine, pg. 57, shows a new canyoneering sandal with one-pull Z-strap system and neoprene-encased body. Looks like it’d fit easily into a sea kayak, yet is sturdy enough to be hiked in.

I’d like to try on a pair. Expensive, $120. Closest thing to it is a combo of my neoprene socks plus Keen sandals.

Suz will be happy to see that the Kokatat Aries is pictured and described in the paddling gear section of the same issue. I gotta try one of those on, too.

This is my preferred water shoe unless the is water cold. It offers excellent foot and ankle protection plus the ironclad NRS warranty.


I pay 5 bucks
But then add magic feet stiff insoles for 30 bucks. My mohican ski is too narrow for regular water shoes

LL Bean booties
Very Similar to the NRS booties directly above.

These rise well above the ankle and are going to protect the booties/socks of a dry suit.

The Keens look like they would protect drysuit booties as well but for about three times the price and the Bean booties appear to come up higher than the Keens.

The Salomens look like you’d need to buy neoprene sock to protect the booties of your dry suit, certainly above the ankle.

I’ve had the Bean booties for a year and they’re just like new. Good traction and enough sole rigidity to protect your feet from sharp rocks. My size twelves fit under my conventional deck with no problem. They’re sized about one size larger than they actually are (i.e. if you where an 11 get a 12).

no, they don’t
if you have large feet and low decked (low volume)kayaks. Keen and similar are great for large kayaks or small feet but I can’t fit them in my kayaks. I use Merrell “barefoot” style running shoes: great soles and low profile.

Review here: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com.au/2011/05/review-merrell-pace-glove-shoes.html

Teva Gnarkosi

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I don't know if these would work in a kayak or not, but they seem to be a great water shoe. I've worn Chaco Z2 Colorado sandals for several years now, and I love them. I do hate though how rocks get under your feet when you are in moving water. I found these Tevas a couple weeks ago and plan to use them this season. The quality seems great and they fit perfect and are comfortable. Just another option for someone looking for a fuller coverage water shoe. And I love that they are so weird looking, but that may just be me!


Keen and five fingers.

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Keen sandals, the original. I have the original Keen leather sandal, got them when they first came out. have had them for years and with the siping in the tread they still get incredibly great traction in the wet stuff.

I wear them all year and all seasons. Boating from power boating, canoeing and kayaking. Wear them to the office some. Had to climb to the top of a neighbors pine tree in the rain to rescue our cat. Wore these as they got the best traction on the wet limbs.

I also like the five fingers by vibram with the siping. Very comfortable. These keep all the rocks out if on shale or gravel like beaches.


That’s what I’ve used for years as well. They’re the least-sexy shoe imaginable, BUT they’re simple, low-profile, fairly warm, and most importantly they keep sand and gravel away from drysuit booties.

The problem with all the sneaker-styled watershoes is that they won’t protect the drysuit booties because ocean grit can get in.