Water supply

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I often go for days to places where drinking water is hard to get. So I end up stuffing my boats with all kind of water bags.
Anyone out there knows about a WATER DESALINATOR practical, cheap & easy to use to consider buying...Would it be reliable? Where can I find it...?
The cheap ones go for $500+.

Not Cheap
They exist and aren’t cheap. About $500 for the smallest one. Add to that the fact that they don’t produce very much water you’re better off packing water.

re water
i would suggest a collapsible 5 gal jug… cheap at only a few dollars or 4-5 gal spring water jugs w screw lids which would give more packing options…

if desalination kits were even remotly cheap the middle east would not have a shortage of fresh water

Try this

two pints an hour?
Man, you’d probably sweat out at least one of those pints by pumping the thing for an hour.

Wildly overpriced

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Her are two better links.



Still very expensive. Carry the maintanence kit! I once saw a used one for a grand but that was years ago. For a huge expedition might be a good idea.

Water supply
Thanks for the reply.

Water supply
Good sense of humour but keep it. Thanks

Water supply
Thanks for the link.

That’s about the price range I’ve been able to find.