Water temps Long Island NYC surprise.


I mean I track the water temps but if you look at the graph it is a surprise to see when coldest time for water is. Lead many into trouble with coldest temp beginning of March.

And the warmest temps can be in October…

usually Aug

Water temps in Long Island on the Sound side should be coldest in May. Thats when most people get into trouble. Snow melt from south flowing rivers like the Connecticut dump cold water after April. And water heats up much more slowly than the air.
And for that reason warmest waters are in Sept. August is usually a hot month and water takes a while to heat up.ergo Sept.

The Gulf Stream on the S side of LI might have an effect.

@kayamedic water temps in the Northeast are typically coldest in late February. Look at the NOAA data for Hartford and New London here: https://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/cwtg/natl.html

And look at the graph on website that @PaddleDog52 linked to:

By May the sea has warmed quite a bit here but of course it’s still dangerously cold. I think there are far fewer paddlers out in January and February, and the ones that are out there are mostly well informed and well equipped. By May, there are lots of paddlers out there, and many are ill informed and ill equipped, hence more fatalities.

dry suit is on me till 60* at the minimum. Then I would also weigh the dangers of where I am paddling and if I am alone. Hate the FJ wet suit I have so I usually wear Drysuit to even 65*. I’ll sweat and be safe but I have avoid that also by adjusting under garments. Sad many think the flowers can now be planted April 15th by me here on Long Island the waters got to be fine also on those 70+ air temp days.