Water trapped inside paddle shaft

-- Last Updated: Aug-23-10 1:12 PM EST --

My Werner Shuna paddle has been getting water trapped inside the section that includes the button on it. It's a small amount that I can feel and hear when I shake it. This has occurred at least the last two times I used it. If I shake several times and leave it with the tube end down, the water goes away by the next day.

Is this a common thing? I don't know if there's a crack or other problem--nothing obvious, though. The paddle does not get abused but it is in the water a lot for rolling practice. It is a little over 3 yrs old.

Leaky plug
Most paddles have a plug a few inches inside on either side of the center joint.

Not much can be done about leaks around the button or the center ferrule, so the plugs are there to limit the amount of water than gets inside.

Sounds like you have a leaky plug.

Mostly I’ve seen foam as plugs. Shouldn’t be too hard to hack out the originals and make a new one.

call Werner
They will most definitely fix it for you.

I don’t know about that.
My first Werner did not have any pugs and when I told them that, they said I was wrong that it couldn’t have happened and that I’d need to pay shipping to prove it to them. If it didn’t have the plug they said I may need to pay for them to fix it.

This was an older model. I think it was called a mid tour. My other Werner paddles all float even when taken apart. But now I’m down to a little dipper and just one other Werner.

1 Year Warranty
It’s true they only have a 1 year warranty. The repair would likely cost something but since these paddles last forever and hold their value so well it would be worth it to get it fixed.

Plug visible on only one side
There’s a blue plug on the other (male) half.

The female section shows no plug, just the splined ring for the feather adjustments, then the spring-loaded button device. If there’s a plug it must be beyond that–closer to the blade.