water usage stamp in illinois

Will an out of stater need a water usage stamp to kayak in Illinois? I’m planning on spending a night at the Washington County Lake Park on my way out west for a camping/boating vacation. The Illinois usage stamp sounds like it works a lot like a fishing license- basically an annual usage fee. Is the fee the same for an in-state resident as it is for an out of state visitor? Are they widely available in Illinois parks?

Pick the answer you like least for
every question, and I think you’ll have it.

I would just go to that park and play dumb.

Why Stop in IL?
Wash. Co. is a stone’s throw from MO – better water and no ridiculous WUS.

But if you want a WUS you’re gonna have to find a POS (you couldn’t make this stuff up):


I would think finding a POS vendor in Illinois would not be terribly difficult, but I haven’t tried.

Don’t forget the air.
Even if you’re just passing through Illinois, you’ll still need to purchase an AUS (air usage stamp). Oh, and don’t forget the BGES (bodily gas escapement stamp).

thanks for the info I was look for

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I'm trying to keep my driving days fairly short on my trip so I can enjoy a brief paddle and walk each day. Washington County Lake is near the interstate, has showers, and camping so it would make a travel nice stop before the ST. Louis arch and westward expansion museum. The park does sound like the kind of place where I would be likely to encounter law enforcement. I'll probably just go ahead and get the user stamp on line. A nice shiny sticker on a ww kayak will give me river credibility back in wv, NOT. All the more reason to purchase it and proudly display it. If I can't change the law I might as well change my perspective on it. "How could anyone pass up the opportunity to get a sticker from the great state of Illinois and not want to proudly display it?"

Anyplace that sells a fishing license
should sell you a WUS.

I’m not sure about out of state pricing.

When are you coming through?
I take it you are driving west on I 64 from WV toward St. Louis.

If you want, perhaps I and a friend could meet you and paddle the Blue River in southern Indiana a bit west of Louisville, KY. It is just a short drive south of I 64 and could be paddled in 3 hours or so. Running at a good level right now and is a pleasant Class I run with one breached dam that might run Class II-.

Send me a PM if you are interested.

The stickers are $6
plus a handling fee of about $2. And are avail anywhere hunting/fishing license are sold, including Walmart.

If you want to paddle in STL shoot me a msg. I haven’t been out since yesterday so I’m overdue.



From 12/13 IL Paddling Council Newslette
"3. There was also a major concern about the requirement that out-of-state boaters must obtain a WUS to paddle in Illinois, because it would discourage tourism and create additional costs and difficulties for race and event organizers. DNR has agreed to waive any WUS race/event fees for this year and will help us get a permanent waiver through the legislature."

A bit confusing. Does this apply only to races and paddling events or to all out of state paddlers? Put a race number on your PFD and you are good to go.

Finding a POS…
Finding a POS in Illinois shouldn’t be that difficult.

4 of the last 8 governors in Illinois have done, or are doing prison time.

They should be easy to find.