Ny Boreal Ellesmere kayak takes on a ton of water whenever the sea gets a bit rough. I use a Greenland paddle and ordinary spray skirt and I suppose it just seeps through. It gets to be a bit of a bore , stopping to pump out. What shall I do ?

Check it for leaks
Put it up on saw horses and pour in a gallon of water. watch for leaks on the bottom and then turn it on its sides and watch for leaks. The foot brace screws are a likely culprit. Seal them up if needed and patch any leaks you may find.

like tsunami says
pour it in and see where it comes out

cockpit coaming seal
to deck may be leaky like on my previous Romanys.

Spray Skirt
Don’t think it is the coaming.

Sounds like the water is coming in around your waist. Might check to ensure you have the spray skirt pulled up and chinched so the waist is under your paddling jacket.

“ordinary spray skirt”?
what does “ordinary” mean?

neoprene or nylon?

if nylon, problem solved: get a neoprene sprayskirt that fits