Waterline Canoes

I have a chance to buy a Waterline whitewater canoe. Anybody have any info on this. Web search turned up info on canoe waterlines.

The canoe is 26 inches wide at the center. The lenght is 13 feet. I’m very new to canoes. I bought my first canoe earlier this year. A Wenonah Argosy. Really enjoy getting out on the water. Thanks.

Make or model?
Is that the name of the manufacturer, or a specific model? Is it a Royalex boat? I have never heard of them, but the proportions sound right for a WW canoe. Rocker is another consideration. You should have at least a couple of inches of rocker bow and stern to give it the maneuverability it needs. Does the seller have any information about the boat’s history? Many manufacturers have come and gone and the boat you are looking at may be one of only a few made.

RE: Waterline Canoe

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The name on the side of the canoe is Waterline Canoes in black block letters. It's called "The Edge". The layup is kevlar. The person selling this canoe thinks the canoe is 15-20 years old. The rocker seems to be in the 3-4+ range.
Seems to be in good condition. Some batches but no holes. I can try this canoe before buying.

Might be an older slalom boat?




Sounds like a fun but possibly demanding boat to me.