Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Anyone got recommendations on a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for paddling around?

Looking for inexpensive (less than $100) and the smaller the better.

Bluetooth ear buds
work quite well, so long as you buy a good set.

People paddle to get away from noise…
…so it’s best to keep your music to yourself. Earbuds are probably the way to go, but keep in mind that blocking your hearing can create serious safety issues, so I don’t recommend it.

iHome IBN6…
Deb bought one to play her backing tracks anywhere she wants to play or practice.

There are smaller speakers, but this one can carry some bass.

I saw them recently at Home Depot for $75.



Thanks for the recommendation.

For the others, I respect your opinions but wasn’t seeking a lecture. I’m not looking for an obnoxious booming sound system that blares across the river, just a small portable speaker that is durable. As was said earlier, I don’t consider earbuds a good idea.

I use wired earbuds

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when doing two-hour+ LSD paddles on home water. A great tip I found in a wonderful training book.

My bluetooth earbuds use too much battery, so I went back to the old style. Have a wonderful DryCase Smartphone case that has a very waterproof speaker jack.

My volume is not set high; I can easily hear jet skis and power boats in the distance behind me. Alas, my own music doesn't drown out the blaring rap noise coming from the speakers of the wave boats.

shower speakers
I got a shower speaker from amazon. It cost under 20 bucks,is Bluetooth and they come in a few different styles. The sound quality is pretty good for the price. Mine has been under water twice and still works fine. It came with a suction cup but I added a piece of parachute cord and attach it to the deck lines.


Boom swimmer

Gets good reviews.It works well for me. Comes with a suction cup mount. I have one but have not tried it on my boat. I recommend downloading the theme music to Jaws and paddling at your local swimming hole.