Waterproof Boots Advise

I am in need of a new pair of kayak boots. I want them to be waterproof and warm. I do alot of cold water paddling and cold wet feet #$%@#. I was leaning towards chota mukluks but could find little info on how they preform. Any suggestions. Please remember that I am wanting as waterproof as possible boots.

MonRiver JOE

I like my
NRS boundary boots. They are less “clunky” than the Chotas Iv’e seen.


Chotas are ok
but not nearly as warm as a pair of rodeo socks over drysuit booties with some fleece socks on the inside.

Chotas are great
Definitely waterproof. Just don’t let them get “swamped” (don’t let water go over the tops). But they do have a snug enough fit in the lower leg that there isn’t room for much water to get in anyway.

NRS Boundary Shoes
Took us through Alaska and the arctic circle six years ago and we have used them in the cold water ever since.

They are less expensive then Choatas.



Mukluks are the berries.
Whichever brand you choose (Chots, MEC, NRS) you should be pleased.


Chotas and a heavy pair of wool socks. I kayak mostly in MN and WI. I’m out there on the water when the ice has barely broken up on the lakes and rivers. When the water is that cold I add a dry suit with booties. Also the tops seal pretty good if you tighten them against bare skin, but if you like to tuck your pants in the top of the Chota’s and go a little to deep the seals not so good; wet feet.

love my Chotas
I wear my Chotas in Prince WM Sound AK, no problem with cold or wet. I even got a brand new pair of extras off of ebay for $35.00. Just have to be vigilant in watching for them.

Smartwool and Chotas are a great combination.



another kudo for Chotas
paddling here in Michigan winters they sure are nice. Made well and include extra neoprene fabric for repairs. Fit snugly over my drysuit, protect the booties, and they are surefooted over slick icy river bank mud.

Come late spring they fit over my Farmer Jane as well. I use mine ~5 months out of the year.

Smartwool or any good wool/capilene sock work for me. Hey, I got my Chotas off eBay too, in December 2006 for $40! Good deals can be found if you hunt.

Try These…
I know everyone swears by Chota, but I find them a little pricey. I bought a pair of these http://www.campmor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=39232711&memberId=12500226&storeId=226&catalogId=40000000226&langId=-1 from Campmor last fall for $50 and they have been great. I too paddle all winter in Michigan and these boots with warm socks have kept me dry and warm even wading among the ice floes. After a full season they’re showing no signs of wear except for the mud I forgot to rinse off last weekend.

Waterproof Paddling Boots

I wear a pair of NRS Boundary Shoes. They come up to just below the knees, are made of 5MM neopreme with a great traction sole and a velcro over arch wide strap to hold them on efficiently. I have worn them on extended trips in cold waters in May and October and never had cold feet. I have stepped out into cold water over the boot top and filled them with water and still stayed warm. They act like a wet suit for the feet. They cost $79.95 through NRS. In the three years I have worn them no leaks. Knock on wood! THEY ARE SUPER BOOTS!!!

NRS vs Chota
Both good products but when swamped (and it will happen) the NRS boots fill up like water baloons making it very difficult to remain sure footed (which you probably need in situations that will swamp them) and extra weight when trying to re-entre a kayak after wet exit etc. The extra rubber around the Chotas foot area stops this happening. I sold my NRS and went back to Chota very quickly due to this. Muck boots are also worth a look. All the above become cold once wet inside as they are too loose to function like a real wet suit and they take along time to dry so limited for multi day trips. For real warm feet in all conditions thick socks inside drysuit socks with a good pair of water shoes over the top

Going with the chotas
Boy, I really appreciate all the responses. I love this board there are so many helpful folks here. Even though my budget is tight, I have to have warm feet, so I will be buying Chotas. Sometimes you just have to suckit up and spend the money. Again thanks for all the advise.

I will post my thoughts on them after a few uses.

MonRiver Joe