Waterproof Boots?

I’m looking for another pair of boots and came across these, Quetico Trekker Wading Shoe (WW250)

The Quetico Trekker is Chota’s non-felted version of the Brookie II. This is the perfect shoe for long North Woods portages, spelunking, canyoneering or wet wading where no felt is required. Was trying to find another pair of Vasque Sundowners, but no one around here carries them anymore, so whichever I get will probably be ordered on-line, unless I just get another pair of Rockports to abuse.

Thanks B.G.

a) “Came across these” – is there a link?

b) is there a question?

Have a great weekend.

Yes there is a link

Just curious as to how well they hold up. Vasques Sundownders cost $165.00, but last about 5-6 years, and these Chota’s are only like $95.00.