Waterproof Box

I have an old army medical kit packed in a heavy duty waterproof box. The lid is gasketed and hinged on one side. I would like to find a similar box that is a bit larger. I would like about 6"x12"x4".

This will be used instead of a homemade box for an small underdeck box on my boat. I have decided that I dont’t want to glass my homemade box to my boat. So, I will install a 4" round screw in type hatch that I found at West Marine on my deck about a foot in front of the cockpit. The mounting bolts for the hatch go through a collar, (part of the hatch), which is about an inch long. I want to mount the waterproof box directly to the bottom flange of the collar using the same bolts that are used to mount the hatch. When finished the new box will be just in front of my knees and I’ll be able to access the box from above through the deck hatch, with my skirt on. The added benifit of the box is that I’ll be able to open it from below, and worst case easily remove it completely.



Could you use a Pelican case …
like the 1120? Maybe bolt through the top and cut a hole in the top of the case that the hatch would mount it? It might be hard to seal that plastic to make it watertight.

Pelican Case
I have looked at a pelcan but not the 1120, Ill do a google search and take a look. The pelican case that I saw had ridges on the lid which would make sealing to my hatch flange difficult.



Pelican 1120 It Is
I took a better look at the Pelican 1120 and I just ordered one. I can use the bottom of the box with is flat to mount to the flange of my hatch. Once mounted the box will be hanging upside down in the kayak, but that is fine. I think that after cutting a hole in the Pelican box the same size as the inside of my hatch collar I can use some adheasive silicone or even 5200 to attach the box to the collar and sandwitch the hatch, boat deack, and box bottom together with the five through bolts. I am fairly certain that this will provide a waterproof and structually sound mounting.

Thanks for the direction to Pelican,

Happy Paddling,


ABS Plastic
I think the Pelican is ABS plastic. One of my boats has ABS plastic bulkheads glued in. The manufacturer gave me some Plexus MA 300 adhesive to fix one that had become loose. You might try that. You have to rough up the ABS surface a bit.