waterproof camcorder (video)


Got a year end bonus, so I plan to indulge myself with a Christmas waterproof camcorder I can use on my kayak (ocean) or canoe (up to class III). I end up in the water from time to time. Something less than $300. I would want something very simple to operate because I may want to stick it on a helmet. And also very robust. Did some of you have one and what is your advice.



Here’s the current list …

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... from the world's largest camera retailer.


You've got to paste the entire link. The part after the + sign is the sort for waterproof videocams.

thanks (you gotta love B&H)

Go Pro

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Or Sanyo



looking for one with remote

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On the B&H site there are some with a wireless remote but only waterproof to 1/2 meter. When I can get an HD that is waterproof to at least one meter and has a wireless remote (hopefully with LED giving feedback I'm really recording) then I'll buy one. Meanwhile I sometimes use my waterproof digcam for photos and videos.

edit: this one looks promising....

Thank for your input
Thank’s all. I went through the options and I selected the Oregon Scientific ATC 3K Waterproof Action Cam.

Not the best quality video but robust and cheap ($77) and it is more about capturing the moment than going after high quality video for me.

Pentax Optio Wpi

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Been using it for years combined with a StickyPod.


The plus side - I actually have a camera too, not just
a video device.

$300 gets you a waterproof camera, shoot waterproof video
and it fits in your shirt pocket.


GoPro is the way to go
I’ve heard and seen great things from them and they are rugged. It’s on my list of things to get. Very simple operation and great battery life compared to other similar products.

I got a bonus too
I was told I might have a job after the New Year…God bless us all Tiny Tim

Kodak PlaySport
Check out the waterproof Kodak PlaySport mini camcorder. Shoots 1080P or 720P up to 60 frames per second. Also takes still pictures. Includes a remote, too. Very compact and ultralight. Very wallet friendly!

Short cnet overview:


A longer more in depth review:


This one looks promising…

Small, cheap, and waterproof…

Pentax Optio W90
With a 16G memory card, it works fine. Good quality video and sound - I think it takes better video than pictures. I do carry and extra baterry since the battery will die long before I fill up the memory card. Suction cups don’t work as well in a conoe, so I use a gator mount


Gives you a lot more options that a helmet mount.


reviews I did
I did reviews of an older GoPro and Oregon Scientific Camera a while back, and included comments about the newer models. Comparison point is a Pentax Optio series. Included raw versions of photos and video which can be downloaded:



I own The Oregon Scientific ATC9K. WATERPROOF to 65 feet(Including the remote to 1 meter), 1.5" LCD view finder screen, an integrated sensor that measures G-Force while filming, GPS module, swappable Lithium batteries, 5MP camera, low light capable, a built in laser pointer to line up your shot, on the fly exposure and white balance controls and a universal tripod mount that will enable me to affix it to anything. Everyone wonders whether or not they will use the built in screen. YOU WILL. Every time I have mounted this camera I have had to adjust the angle to get the perfect shoot. The instant feedback is invaluable. The shock resistant housing has taken a fair amount of abuse in the short time I have owned it, and I’m impressed with how well this camera has taken hits.

The new GoPro HD
is miles better than the previous non-HD model in terms of image quality. The only issue is the lack of a screen and whether the extreme wide angle lens works for you or not… Mine can record for probably about two hours continuously in HD video. Or can stay for quite a few hours on and do interval shooting of 5MP still images (very handy to observe how the rat in my garage I’ve been trying to outwit for the past week or so avoids my traps while still getting its food out of them).

I just got a Sony TX5 waterproof cam and it takes great videos too. Not full HD but still HD and the quality is very good - nice colors and exposure. Plus it actually works fairly well as a still cam unilke most camcorders that just barely qualify for a still camera (at least as far as comparing to other waterproof small cams). Has some very nifty shooting modes that I found very useful and a nice enough wide angle lens.