Waterproof Camera Bag

I’ve got a new Canon Digital Rebel SLR with a 28-80 lens and a 70-300. I am looking for a waterproof housing/bag so I can keep the camera handy for on the water shooting. I remember seeing one in Seakayaker magazine not long ago but I can’t find that issue.

Anyone have any recommendations.



Current NRC calalog has some nice looking camera bags. I’m sure they are on the web site as well.

Waterproof case for cameras
You can search e-bay or check-out www.waterproofcases.net

http://www.sailgb.com/p/slr_camera_case/ I have the same Camera and use the bag, its “OK” but kind of combersom to use. I love the Camera, I wish they made a water proof Hard case that you could shoot through.

Cool, that is the one
What is your definition of cumbersome? I’m hoping to have the camera at the ready while paddling so most of what I would need to do is zoom and take the pic. Figure after looking at it that’s about all you can do.

My other choice is to save the $119, buy the smaller point and shoot case and use the compact digital for on the water shots.

Your thoughts?


I’m not in love with aquapac
as the seams on mins split aftet 15 months of light use ans my dealser tols me sorry bud.

Ewa perhaps

makse a better bag. Never used one though.