Waterproof Camera-LCD protector

OK, so I took the “plunge” and bought a waterproof camera before my non-waterproof one took a plunge. I even bought some of those clear sticky things to protect the LCD screen. The instructions said to take the first layer off to expose the sticky stuff. Did that and “installed” it on the screen. But no way no how can I take off the second later that supposedly exists. Any tips? I see fine through it as is … except for the part where I could only partially scrape off the label that said, “Step Two …”

I used a clear skin made for a PDA, and I don’t remember a second skin. Sorry, I am of no help.


Possibly a fingernail hooked under a corner?

Maybe I’m misreading things
Maybe I’m misreading the directions … which would certainly explain why I can’t get the second (nonexistant) layer peeled off. But why or why did they put the stupid sticker on the second side so it obscures part of my screen? (kind of like magazines sticking your address label on the cover and obscuring the pretty picture).