waterproof cat-bag

No, not a waterproof bag to carry my cat in the rain…

I have an OT Dirago-12 with the 6" screw-in hatch. Problem is that hard case under the hatch, though strong and waterproof, really gets in the way when I am shoving my tent or sleeping-bag into the bow.

So I was thinking of cutting it off and replacing it with a drop-in waterproof cat-bag. Possibly the Hobie fat-bag?

The problem is that I am on a budget (you don’t care why othe than kid has no job or real medical insurance and college post-scholarship is still a lot!) and cannot afford the $29 + s/h so was hoping to find one or two cheaper. One for my Dirago, the other for my Scrambler (I mounted an extra 6" screw-in hatch to the 10"[?] round gespachi hatch between my legs. I know… but I couldn;t afford the Gespachi hatch and made a cloth bag for the opening).

So, anyone know where I can get a waterproof bag or two for my boats, cheap?

What dimension bags are you considering?

Can you cut off the hard case, leaving
enough to glue a poly bag of some sort to it?

My original thought
was to cut the case off and bolt or tape the bag to the outside.

Then I thought that the screw-on hatch would hold a bag with a lip and have been looking for that.

I made a bag and waterproofed it but it still leaked so figured that a factory-waterproof would be safer than my home-job.

sixe doesn’t matter. just large enough to hold a gre granola bars and such in my Dirago.

A wider one in my Scrambler IF i choose to add one to that.

I was going to
suggest a little PFD for the cat, you know, one with a handle on it, but after reading this - no

you don’t need that

Try Austin Kayak
They have cat hatch bags for the Tarpon SOT. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work on other boats with the same

size opening.