Waterproof containers to fit........

I just bought a couple of Native American flutes, and would like some ideas on waterproof containers to carry them in. I thought I could find some waterproof map tubes, but the ones I’ve found are too short. What I need at this point are 2 tubes or other at least 3" diameter (4" to allow for padding would be ideal). One will need to be 20" in length, and the other 25" in length or as close to it a possible. Any cheap, practical ideas would ofcourse be the best. Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll keep searching.


Couple Ideas
You could get a plain plastic tube for a fishing rod and cut it down.

Also, they make plastic tubes for building plans, etc.

Neither would be water “proof” but water resistant

PVC Plumbing
4" tube, cut to length. End cap on one end, and a threaded clean-out fitting on the other. Under $10 at your local hardware.

What also comes to mind are coolers that are made in a long cylinder shape suitable for a six pack of cans inserted end-to-end. I doubt you’d have a totally waterproof package there, but they are intended to hold ice, would shed casual water, and are already padded. They usually have a zipper closure. Maybe these are golf accessories.


I really need something waterproof, and hard plastic. Unless I get a better idea I’m probably going to go with pvc pipe, and rig a waterproof end of some type that I can remove. Thanks.

Hey splash
the cooler tube mentioned above might make for a good liner for the PVC tube.

At the rate you’re going…you’re gonna need a large pelican case for the rest of the ceremonial atire…LOL!


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Actually I can get that for free. My Dad is a builder and has tons of that laying around. It is a good idea, but I'm hoping someone can give me a suggestion that would save more room. I actually believe it would fit in a smaller pipe, but probably not with the padding material. The only reason it has to be that wide to begin with is because of the flute fetish which sticks up. I'd sure hate to have to take that off each time, and reinstall it. It would get worn, and probably start to leak while playing it. I might be just as well off to put it in a drybag, and be really careful with it. This link will give you an idea of what I'm working with.



Yeah, I guess.
I think I’ll go ahead and buy a teepee to replace my tent.

What’s this cooler padding you’re talking about. Are you talking about those soft coolers, or is there a lining for a hard one?

I think it’s called
a can cooler, or cooler tube. The inside dia. just big enough to slide a beer can into, should be just right to accomodate the fetish. They may be too long though.

Welding rod holders
They are completely waterproof with a rubber “O” ring screw cover.

They are about 2-1/2" in diameter.

I am just not sure of the length.



Not sure I’m comfortable with the fetish
talk ;o)>

Actually you could use 2 or 3 inch PVC for most of the length then use a bell reducer to 3 or 4 inches for the fetish. Make sure it will fit thru the threaded portion.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas


The clean out fitting…
threaded screw on cap will leak.

It is impossible to seal.

(From a weekend plumber)



PVC tricks
Jack is correct about threaded clean-out fittings leaking - they are not designed for pressure applications. It IS possible to greatly minimize the leakage by carefully dressing the threads on the male fitting to remove any flash leftover from thej moulding process. An added bonus is that the screw in plug functions much more smoothly.

A possibly simpler solution is to use a glue-on cap at one end and a rubber cap at the other. The downside is that you will need a screwdriver to operate the screw clamp.

Yet another potential solution from the plumbing department would be the aforementioned glue-on cap at one end and an expanding test plug at the other. These are available in sizes to fit virtually all pipe diameters, and ARE watertight if installed and tightened correctly.

A visit to your local independant hardware store should set you up.


A quick chuckle for you:
Well not so quick, but most plumbers will like it.

On the first house I built, when I had the rough plumbing ready for inspection, prior to calling the inspector I wanted to make sure there were no leaks, so I used the seal caps on the toilet flanges, and on all the other drain inlets, screwed on the cleanout caps and then got up on the roof with a hose and proceeded to fill the pipes through one of the vents.

My wife was under the house and yelled to me that the several cleanouts were leaking at the covers.

I decided to use teflon tape on their threads, and then tightend the hell out of them.

Got back up with my hose and had the same thing happen.

Now I was ticked off: I took the teflon tape off, the screw cap and applied a coat of mastic (completely illegal of course) and real quick like was able to get a turn or two before they bonded to the female threads.

Tested it and was really in business!

Called the inspector and had the hose all ready for when he came out.

Filled up the system, (he didn’t use the pressure method).

He crawled around here and there as I held my breath hoping that he wouldn’t check the clean outs, and when he was done, his comment was: “Real good job, but how the heck did you keep those clean outs from leaking. They are the first ones that I have ever checked that didn’t leak”.

The older we get the more of the non- book learning stuff we learn!




I sincerely hope
you have not needed to make use of your clean-outs!

I manage a large food distribution plant, with refigerated storage areas, second-story restrooms, and a workforce that occasionally demonstrates it’s displeasure by flushing miscellaneous items. For me, accessable clean-outs are a God-send!


…check at local fishing stores for large pvc/aluminum fly rod tubes…they come padded outside, endcaps with o ring seals, and internal endcap padding to prevent endonm dammage and nylon sleeves to slide the rods into,should fit the bill…

great minds?
I’ve been looking at them online all day, have you seen any that are less than 3’ long? Also, most seem to be 2" in diameter, which would be too small in most cases.

The ultimate manly flute storage tube
This is possibly just a tad bit of overkill.

Military storage tube for mortar shells.


on a more practical note
How about:


You could put it inside a tube or piece of pipe for more protection.

or the extra long NRS drybag


I would just cut the end off and
glue a coupling on and then add another cleanout.



Already considered that one Jack.
The welding rod containers aren’t near long enough. The plug on pvc will seal with tape, but that’s not practical. I do believe they do have a plug with the rubber o-rings. I remember seeing them at the supply store where my Dad gets his supply. I still think that all that is going to be far too bulky than necessary. The more I think about it, the more I’m realizing that a small dry bag of some sort is going to be the best route. I would easily stick it inside my sleeping bag pad or somewhere such as that to protect it.

These are all good tips though. I appreciate it.