Waterproof digital camera recommendation

As the subject says I’m looking for a camera that can survive exposure to water. Frequently when I’m out fishing or paddling theres some fish, deer, duck, etc. that I want to take a picture of. I tend to be clumsy however, therefore I need a camera that could survive a drop in the water. Any recommendations on models? I’ve seen a few different models but I’m looking for first hand experience.


Pentax has some
Pentax Optio WPi:


Pentax Optio W20:


I have two
The Sony Cybershot DSC-U60 is a really good simple camera. No zoom but easy to operate with one hand. You can get them for $150 on e-bay a nd i keep mine clipped to my PFD.

Penrtax sells a series of Optio WP cameras that are excellent for about $150. Unfortunatly, I let my kid in Africa take my WP-10 so am loking for a replacement.

Afte that, you end up paying as much for a camera as i pay for a kayak.

For em, I want light, simple, rugged and cheap to replace for when I loose it. I don’t want to spend 5 minutes fiddling with case and lens and setting to just take a picture.

Check out the Canon line
Canon has some excellent water proof housings designed for some of their cameras. Very good stuff. You can crawl around the Canon site:


And at http:/wwww.dpreview.com you can read reviews of specific models.

Olympus has some nice shock resistant and water “proof” point and shoots. One of them has a much better water resistant rating than most of the other water proof point and shoots currently available.

Sea Life
I’ve got a SeaLife Eco Shot with which I am happy.


I find that cameras designed for divers are hardier than most.

Cameras don’t float

…and that lesson cost me $350. I knew it but what the hell…that’s life.

River 1 Camera 0 gurgle…gurgle…gurgle

G_K -$350.00 damn…damn…damn

Thereofre I say unto you … either attach it to you or the boat or attach something to it that will make it floatable.

Paddlin’ on (with a new Pentax)



I have a Sea-Life Eco Shot. Sturdy camera that takes sxcellent pictures. VF

I leash mine
to my PFD. A double clip, the long one for safety then a short one to keep it close. When I need a pic, I undo the short clip, stretch the camera and it is still leashed to the PFD.

I’m looking for a Reefmaster mini (Don’t like the eco) but they are too expensive right now.

Olympus mju is the best
and I say that with a certain degree of confidence!

I used to be a professional photographer (architecture) but these days I mainly shoot just for fun.

Among the various compact digital cameras I have, the Olympus mju SW720 (now superseeded) is the ones that gets most use. There is a bran new one SW 1030 that has a wide angle lens. I am waiting for availaibility her ein Australia.

Extremely robust (way more then the competition) it takes very decent images. The lens is coated with a water repellent agent that prevents most water dropplets appearing on the image. It really works. I have tried several waterproof housings but with little success (water on lens).

If you want some proof what the little Olympus can do check out my flickr link http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/sets/72157600524255302/

I’ve been using a Pentax Optio WR 433, which is old technology now. But it has two features I recommend you look for.

First, look for a camera that has a viewfinder, preferably, a single reflex. I sometimes take pictures with water drops on the lens, but the view finder doesn’t show them because it has its own lens. The LCD is hard to see in bright sunshine on the water.

Second, get a camera that uses AA batteries. All the high tech rechargeables that are out there are great, but when it dies, will you be near an electrical outlet? You can buy rechargeable AAs if you must have rechargeables. But if you are on an extended wilderness trip, you can’t recharge. And if you travel to a country where the electrical standard is different, you won’t be able to recharge even though you find an outlet. But you can buy a fresh set of AA batteries just about anywhere.


what waterproof camera has AA batteries?
to my knowledge there is not a single waterproof camera out there (not in a waterproof case, a proper NON BULKY camera) that uses AA batteries.

A waterproof camera should be small enough to be abe to tucked away in a pocket of the PFD. A camera that is not ready acessible makes you miss half of the shots. Been there, done that…

One more thing: laneyards are great but if you don’t want to loose that camera, attach a small piece of closed cell foam to it, large enough to make it float if accidentally lost over board :slight_smile:

Didn’t expect so much feedback so fast. I had been looking at the olympus. It seems to have a fair bit of shockproof-ness that might be able to survive my clumsiness. Nice pictures too, good color. Thanks for all the suggestions, still evaluating.

No to Pentax
Don’t buy the Pentax Optio W30. The two I had were not waterproof at all.

Olympus 1030SW
Olympus just came out with the 1030SW at the big industry trade show (PMA) a few weeks ago. It probably isn’t in the stores yet but it’s the first camera of this type to get my attention since I bought the first one of this series (720SW) a couple of years ago. Supposedly image quality is a lot better on the new one, but the extra wide angle would have been enough for me.

The SW’s are tiny, survive a fall and are waterproof to depths that kayakers will never see. No messing around with big waterproof housings either. But they don’t float…

Canon G7
or any other Canon, they have such a wide variety of waterproof housings for their lines. I personally have a G7 with the housing and love it. Although I have not actually used the Pentax when I was researching this very topic a few months ago I spoke to a few people who had the Pentax and while they really like the underwater shots they weren’t so happy with the above water shots. It may have something to do with thicker glass to make it water proof or something but they didn’t like the results. But it’s really all personal perference. In all honestly once the G7 is in the housing it’s quite large and couldn’t really hang from your PFD but if you want a great waterproof/underwater camera that also takes amazing shots and gives you more control than a regular P&S I highly recommend it. I have used it underwater, on the water and out of the housing (away from water) and have never been disappointed.

Envy You…
…the WR43 - about the last with a viewfinder. I have the WPi, nice pix, etc., but composing is a royal PITA, and the screen use kills the batteries…

1030SW releases April 1st
according to Amazon.

I have the otio w 20 and I shoot video through a hole in my pfd pocket. It makes for decent video takes good pictures and the rechargeable battery holds up well. I bought a 2nd battery when the camera was ordered but I have never needed it on trips less than 3 or 4 days.