Waterproof Digital camera

I just posted an initial review of my recently-purchased Olympus 720 digital WP camera.

I realized that I had been taking way too few on-the-water shots (now that I have gone 99% digital) and after comparing MY puny collection of pics of the Tortoise Reserve trip to Tophers large album (taken with his Pentax Optio WP) I knew that it would just be a matter of time, and as I still had some tax refund bucks left…

One thing that Topher’s shots made abundantly clear to me was that if you have a WP camera, you need to go crazy with shots taken from unusual perspectives - self portraits taken under water looking up, semi-submerged and super low angle shots and such. I am still working at loostening up ("Come on Jim, the card holds over 500 shots!) and photographing everything. SHOOT IT NOW, EDIT LATER.

Me having fun. Now if I can only get broadband and WebShots…


WP digicams
I guess that’s the beauty of these little guys - they aren’t afraid of the outdoors. Going paddling? No problem. The water park? Nothing to worry about. Shamu nails you with a lap full of salt water in the front row? Bring it on!

I occasionally carry my WPi at work, and if I’m getting a shot and one of our (non-Sea World) dolphins decides to splash or a giraffe blows her nose on me, oh well!